Your trusted choice for residential and commercial property needs. 



We provide a variety of services for your residential property maintenance needs.


Our experienced professionals can tackle any project large or small.




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Managing multiple projects within your commercial investment portfolio can become time consuming.


That's where our history of working under multiple deadlines with quick turnaround sets us apart. 


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Lawn Care

Whether your lawn care needs involve preparing your property for sale, putting your best foot forward for clients, or simply staying on top of the yard work so that you're not "that house on the block"...we've got you covered with our extensive lawn care services. 

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Property Preservation

We've been working with the nation's largest property preservation service providers for over 15 years. 

From this, we've gained vast comprehension of the regulatory environment and conveyance requirements for lenders and realtors alike.

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ProTecht Properties was founded in 2001 by father and son partners Bruce and Peter Carlson. The company began out of the need for services geared towards the protection and preservation of bank-owned residential properties. 

With humble beginnings, Bruce and Peter began by loading up their truck every day and traveling from one property to the next across Iowa. Their punctuality with deadlines, quality work, and commitment to doing things "the right way" quickly gained them working relationships with some of the largest property preservation companies in the country, as well as, lenders such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Ocwen.

Today, ProTecht Properties is based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our property services now cover both residential and commercial sectors and span across all Midwestern states. 



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